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Name bryana erin :]
Gender Female
Age 16
Location Los Angeles, CA
Ethnicity Hispanic
Interested in Both
Status In a relationship
Quotes "Only in Los Angeles do they have huge pool parties on Tuesday afternoons...I haven't decided if thats a good or bad thing. " -Audrey Kitching "I don't pretend to know what love is for everyone, but I can tell you what it is for me ; love is knowing all about someone, and still wanting to be with them more than any other person, love is trusting them enough to tell them everything about yourself, including the things you might be ashamed of, love is feeling comfortable and safe with someone, but still getting weak knees when they walk into a room and smile at you." -Gerard Way

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IM xxblackparaderxx


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Uh oh. Wait, you like Tokio Hotel & MCR??? I'm just seeing your IM handles there. I LOVE THEM ! Especially TH! Bill4eva! xoxo

By Butterface89 on Aug 25, 2010 11:21 am · History

You know what, I really love this layout:D Thank you so much for being my friend, little one ;-) xoxo I winked u.

By Butterface89 on Aug 15, 2010 1:29 am · History

Hellooo .

By SkinnyJeans5 on Mar 5, 2010 4:34 pm · History

Thanks for the icon fav! :D

By avlav on Jan 9, 2010 5:00 am · History

thanks ;--)

By fiercest on Dec 27, 2009 7:26 am · History

Happy Thanksgiving! :D

By Snaily on Nov 26, 2009 1:43 am · History

ahhmazing eyes.

By disasterdinosaur on Sep 13, 2009 7:18 pm · History

oh awesome. :)

By turnupthevolume on Aug 16, 2009 1:45 am · History

yah yah
I know what you mean
Like, if someone points out a mistake in one of my pieces, I just kind of look at it and shrug.

By Absinthetic on Jul 29, 2009 6:54 am · History

Oh yeah, and happy (really, really) belated birthday :o

By Absinthetic on Jul 25, 2009 9:45 am · History
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